Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of FAQs that will assist you during and after your e-voucher purchase. If a question is not answered below, fill in the "I need more help!" form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I create an account?

You are automatically assigned an account when you purchase your first voucher. An email will be sent to your inbox with your assigned username and password. Your password can be changed in your Your Account section of this website. If you prefer to register manually, you can do so by visiting our Account Registration page.

Why do I need an account?

Having a ShopWFC account makes it easier for us to followup and track your orders. You will also qualify for our amazing loyalty rewards, specials and discount coupons.

How do I retrieve my lost password?

Recover your lost password here!

Enter your username or email address in the Reset Password form then click [Get New Password]. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

How do I redeem my e-Vouchers?

You can reserve your seat by emailing or calling our Bookings Office to requesting a date. Have your e-Voucher's details handy when contacting the Bookings Office. On the day of Cruise, present a copy of the e-Voucher at the Booking Office at least 30 Minutes before departure to receive your boarding pass for the cruise. Do not go direct to the boat for the cruise as the crew require a boarding pass to allow entry.

Contact Details:

Office Hours: +27 (0) 21 418 3168

How do I download my e-Vouchers?

When you have made a successful purchase of your e-Voucher/s, an "Order Completed" email will be sent your your email address used during checkout. This email will contain the e-Voucher/s as a PDF attachment. Each e-Voucher will be its own separate PDF attachment. The Order Completed email will also contain individual links to each corresponding e-Voucher. In addition, you will also be able to download your e-Voucher/s on your Downloads page under the Your Account section. You have to be logged in to access this section. Once logged in, you can click on the Downloads Vouchers link under the Your Accounts menu item.

Can I book and pay for a specific vessel on a specific day?


You are purchasing an open date e-voucher. You can use this e-voucher on any date - subject to availability - and it makes and ideal present or corporate gift. You can now also use this e-voucher to book in advance on a specific date by contacting our Booking Office by phone/email using the unique number on your e-voucher. You will still have to redeem your e-voucher by presenting a copy of it at our Bookings Office at least 30 minutes before departure to receive your boarding pass for the cruise.


Please visit our FAQ page for more information on how to book and acquire your Boarding Pass. At the bottom of the page you will also find a FAQ Request form if your question was not answered.

You advertise a ‘Sunset Champagne Cruise’. What happens if it’s cloudy or raining?

On most occasions we will sail. Whilst a visible sunset would be the best possible aspect of a sunset cruise, Waterfront Charters have no control over the weather! A cruise with or without that visible sunset is still a wonderful experience, and most of our guests are happy to take the trip and enjoy all the other aspects of an Atlantic adventure. The only time we will not sail is if the skipper of the boat deems it unsafe or too unpleasant at sea.

There is an accurate weather forecast page on the Waterfront Charters website: it is worth checking in advance to make sure the weather looks like it is going to fine for your trip. If you are concerned, change the date of your proposed trip.

What is the difference between the Sunset Champagne Cruises and the Champagne Cruises?

Both trips are 90 minutes in duration and both include Sparkling Wine and a cash bar.

Sunset Champagne Cruise

The Sunset Champagne Cruise leaves before Nautical Sunset and is timed to return to harbour in the dark, affording the opportunity to watch a Cape Town Atlantic sunset.

Champagne Cruises

The Champagne Cruise is an earlier cruise that normally leaves two hours before the  Sunset Champagne Cruise, and returns to harbour in daylight prior to sunset. The R50 difference in price is an effort to make the earlier trip more affordable to  family groups who are looking for a pre-dinner cruise.

How do I claim my 5% New-User Discount.

In addition to our 10% discounts on Rack Rates, you will receive a 5% discount coupon the first time you purchase a cruise voucher on Shop WFC - subject to Terms and Conditions.

How to use the New-User coupon:

  • At the bottom of both the Cart and Checkout pages, you will have the ability to type in coupon codes in the “Coupon code” field.
  • Once you have entered your coupon code "New-User", click the “Apply Coupon” button.
  • Your coupon will instantly discount your cart or checkout summery.
  • As the New-User coupon is public you will also see the clickable version of the coupon under the heading: “Available Coupons (Click on the coupon to use it)”.
  • Simply click on the red coupon to apply the discount.
  • If the coupon in not applicable, you will not see the clickable coupon at the bottom of the page.
  • The coupon my display as available under the “Available Coupons (Click on the coupon to use it)” heading if you have already claimed the discount on a precious purchase, but are not currently logged in to the website. After logging-in, you will see a notice informing you that the discount has been removed if the coupon has already been redeemed on a previous transaction.
  • The New-User coupon is an exclusive coupon and cannot be used in conjunction with other Special Offer coupons.
  • If you apply the New-user coupon in conjunction with other Special Offer coupons, the already added coupons will be removed and replaced with the New-User discount.
  • If you wish to use the Special Offer coupons instead of the New-User coupon, you may have to first remove the New-User coupon by clicking he “Remove” link right of the discount value.

Terms and Condition:

  1. This coupon can only be used once per user.
  2. This coupon is exclusive and cannot be used in conjunction with other Special Offer coupons.
  3. This coupon in not applicable to the following Cruises and Categories:
    • Special Events (Calendar Events)
    • Cruise and Dine Vouchers.

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